C-Section Scar Revision Surgery

How do scars form?

Scars are a natural part of the healing process and are needed to close a wound. When your skin is damaged, your body produces collagen fibers to close the open area. The resulting scar may not be the same tone or texture as the surrounding skin, making it more noticeable. 

How your scar forms can be unpredictable and if the healing is poor, may result in an unsightly mark. Treatment options for unsightly scars may include the use of ointments, minimally invasive procedures, or surgical removal.

The team at FemSculpt™ offers scar revision surgery to improve the tone and texture of your skin. However, while they can make your scar less noticeable, it’s impossible to completely eliminate a scar. 

What is scar revision surgery?

Scar revision surgery is a form of plastic surgery aimed at improving the appearance of your scar, as well as the surrounding tissue. The degree of your surgery depends on the size and location of your scar, as well as the severity. If possible, your surgeon surgically removes the underlying scar tissue and then carefully sutures your skin layer-by-layer to improve tissue healing and reduce scar tissue formation.

You may experience some swelling and redness at the site of your procedure that may last up to two weeks. You should see an improvement in your scar soon after the procedure as the swelling subsides, but it can take several months for the wound to fully heal.

Before recommending a surgical procedure, your doctor may suggest less invasive options to improve the appearance of your scar, such as dermal fillers, topical treatments, or laser therapy.

What can I expect during C-section scar revision?

The C-section is a very common surgical procedure, but for some women, the scar left behind can be disfiguring and make it difficult to wear a bathing suit. The scar tissue may also cause bulging or a flap of skin at the site of the scar. 

The team at FemSculpt™ specializes in C-section scar revision surgery. Removal of your C-section scar is similar to the surgical revision of any other scar on your body. The team may also suggest less invasive options before recommending surgery.

Scars can be disfiguring and uncomfortable. To schedule a consultation with the surgical experts at FemSculpt™ to discuss scar revision surgery, contact the office by phone or online today.

* Results will vary from person to person. All individuals are unique and will experience different results from the procedures provided

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