6 Facts About The Clitoris

Here are six facts about the female clitoris:

Photo courtesy of the Museum of Sex

1. The clitoris has a higher sensitivity than the penis

According to the Museum of Sex, the little organ includes roughly 8,000 sensory nerve fibers, which is near twice the quantity found in the head of the penis. “The clitoral glans have more nerve endings than any other place on the human body,” Millheiser says. That’s why direct pressure on the clitoris might seem overly forceful, even painful in certain situations, rather than enjoyable. “Women will tell you that direct stimulation is quite unpleasant,” she explains. Stimulating the hood of the clitoris (the skin covering it) may be more effective for arousal, especially beginning foreplay.

2. It’s longer than you think

The clitoris may appear to be a little knob, but it has more beneath the surface, much like an iceberg. According to Millheiser, it’s 11 cm long on average (over 4 inches), so you can’t see most of it. “What you see is the clitoral glans, but there is another 10 cm that surrounds the vagina,” she explains to SELF. “It splits into ‘legs,’ somewhat like a wishbone.” Ultrasound research published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine reveals that the G-spot is part of the clitoris.

3. It should not stick out

“If women find that their clitoris is protruding out from beneath the clitoral hood in its resting condition, or if they’ve noted a recent rise in size in a non-aroused state, it might be a symptom of a cyst or benign lump, or it could be a sign of too much testosterone,” Millheiser notes. “Your doctor should look at that.”

4. It will not necessarily remain the same size throughout your life

Because of the decline in the sex chemicals estrogen and testosterone as women approach and enter menopause, some vulvovaginal atrophy is expected. As a result, the clitoris shrinks. Unfortunately, this makes climaxing more complex or takes longer. When you do, orgasms are frequently not as intense.

5. It isn’t always in the same place for all women

And where it is positioned is important. According to a 2014 research published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, the further the clitoris is from the vaginal entrance, the more difficult it is for a woman to experience orgasm. The researchers discovered that women whose clitoris was 5 to 6 millimeters (2-2.5 inched) distant from the vaginal entrance reported more it was challenging to experience orgasm. This may explain why some women do not have orgasms and help their partners understand their bodies better.

6. When you’re aroused, it becomes more noticeable

Blood rushes to the clitoris when you’re turned on, causing it to expand. The clitoris is tugged up into the clitoral hood around 30 to 15 seconds before a woman experiences an orgasm. Simultaneously, the top of the vagina swells and widens. There’s a ballooning effect of the upper one-third of the vagina, most likely to provide more space for a penis.

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