What is the Clitoral Hood Reduction?

What is the Clitoral Hood Reduction?

What is the Clitoral Hood, and why would it need reduction?

With over 14,000 nerve fibers, the clitoris is a complicated element of the female anatomy (or endings). Because they both play important roles in sexual desire, the clitoris and penis are frequently contrasted.

What a hassle it can be to have all of those nerve fibers pushing up against your clothing! Put on your clitoral hood. This structure keeps outside stimuli from overstimulating the vulnerable tissue.

Another essential function is sebum, a lubricant that helps the clitoral hood glide smoothly along the clitoral shaft.

So, how does the size come into play?

Let’s talk about it!

Please note that the size of the clitoral hood varies from woman to woman and has nothing to do with height or weight. When you’re sexually stimulated, a regular-sized hood should quickly glide away, revealing your engorged glans clitoris. When paired with a regular-sized hood, this glans features a high concentration of nerve endings, which improves the quality of the orgasm.

However, this action is impeded when the hood is more significant than usual since it may not retract as quickly. As a result, sexual excitement and, as a result, sexual satisfaction are reduced. A swollen hood might be the consequence of hormonal or genetic changes.

The Advantages of Clitoral Hood Reduction

Clitoral hoodoplasty, also known as clitoral hoodectomy or clitoral hood reduction surgery, is a gynecological cosmetic surgery that reduces the amount of skin covering the clitoris. When this extra tissue is removed, it becomes simpler for women to feel sexually stimulated and, eventually, happy.

A clitoral hood reduction is not just simply a vaginal rejuvenation surgery to improve the quality of the orgasm. There is one more significant advantage that pushes women to seek surgery! Squeezed fabrics make ladies with clitoral hoods feel unpleasant. Aside from the discomfort, the clitoral hood may cause pain when it brushes against the thighs.

There is a third benefit! Clitoral hoodoplasty seeks to enhance the look of the clitoral hood as well.

As a result, in addition to boosting sexual pleasure, clitoral hood reduction improves the hood’s visual beauty and protects it from rubbing against an external stimulant, reducing pain and discomfort.

Clitoral hood reduction can improve both aesthetic concerns and sensation. Cosmetic gynecologist and surgeon Dr. Sue Kafali of FemSculpt Cosmetic Gynecology specializes in gynecological plastic surgery, helping women from Chicago, Illinois and throughout the country improve their intimate function and confidence back. For a complimentary consultation with Dr. Sue Kafali, contact our office today!